A Salzburg Surprise

The elusive, reclusive co-owner of Red Bull flaunts a brand that is loud and conspicuous that promotes stunts like Baumgartner’s fall from space. In addition, Dietrich Mateschitz owns a range of businesses in Salzburg, a city close to his home. When I visited two of the restaurants in his stable, I discovered, to my surprise, beautifully displayed Kuba cloths accommodated in ultra-modern interiors.

The first, Hangar-7, is a futuristic dome which displays a range of Baumgartner paraphernalia amidst the Flying Bulls collection of airplanes. And also houses several restaurants. En route to a flamboyantly flowered restroom downstairs, the corridor displays several unusual long Kuba men’s cloths.

Stable-7 Fabric2

A Kuba men’s cloth featuring a patchworked pattern

Stable-7 Fabric2 Closeup

In close-up, a Kuba patchworked pattern

Stable-7 Fabric1

A Kuba men’s cloth with appliqued motifs

Stable-7 Fabric1 Closeup

A close-up of a Kuba appliqued motif pattern

At the second restaurant, Carpe Diem, vaunted for its finger-food in delicate bite-sized portions, there was another impressive display.


Kuba cloths on display at Carpe Diem restaurant, Salzburg

A truly surprising, museum-level collection which showcases a variety of styles and Kuba traditions.

Having researched Kuba textiles, we have our own interpretation of the appliquéd strips – in our Twigs design available as a lampshade or a cushion.

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