Designing the perfect apron

It does take time to design and test the perfect apron! We have a new kitchen linen range coming up for the summer, and here is a special behind the scenes look at how we are designing the perfect apron. We have fantastic double pockets at the front, separated by a seam so there’s ample room for a rolling pin or two. Our ties are adjustable at the neck, and are extra long so you can securely cross at the back and secure with a lovely looped knot at the front.

A test apron (in our laterite tracks fabric) is up on the mannequin, pinned up so we can modify the pattern:

2014-02-27 11.03.51

Our new sample apron on a mannequin

The reworked and new pattern cut out to generate a second apron, with contrast pockets and ties.

2014-02-27 12.40.51

A resized pattern, with contrast pocket and ties

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