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Several trendcasters popped by our stand at Clerkenwell, and one of them – StyleSight – put together a slide on Revived Tradition, saying:

Mixed multiethnic and folk patterns adorn soft goods and upholstered surfaces to brighten up interiors.

Have a look at the full collection of the blue Toghal cushions peeking out of the basket …


There are definite similarities of style and effect, in terms of materials used, and despite influences from different parts of the world – Africa, Asia and Europe. This does seem to happen over and over again – in science, with scientists working on the same problem and coming up with a solution at the same time; or a rash of new novels on a particular topic. It would be great to find out from our blog readers whether you think that in a moment of Zeitgeist, there is current interest in “mixed multi-ethnic patterns”.

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