Cucumbers, Strawberries and Wimbledon

Centre court play starts at the lunch hour. What to do in order to prepare in advance?

To quote from an aficionado, “They may seem simple, but cucumber sandwiches can be a soggy, dull disaster. Where do you stand on peeling, slicing, seasoning and salting, should you cut the crusts off – and is the addition of Marmite an abomination?”

Perfect cucumber sandwiches

Photo Credit: Felicity Cloake for the Guardian

Cucumber sandwiches have a certain je-ne-sais-quoi summer feel to them, an essentialness that signals tennis. With all the essential elements considered to make up a perfect sandwich, a chef puts her considerable talent into giving us all a refresher course on how it should be done.

If that really evokes too many memories of badly made cucumber sandwiches to be worth the effort, you could aim to counteract the effect of days spent sitting by preparing an alternative fruit-style open sandwich, described as “soft and sweet and remarkably moreish.” A Wimbledon sandwich which celebrates strawberries and honey (it’s the fourth one down, and if you’re as lucky as I was, a magic tennis-related advert of a smiling and waving Andy Murray may even appear across your screen).

Photo Credit: Yuki Sugiura for the Guardian

Photo Credit: Yuki Sugiura for the Guardian

To crown it all, if you had a little picnic table outside, swathed in the essentialness of a greenly zing African textile (inspired by aso-oke strip fabric from Nigeria), you could literally move outside with your iPad, turn the volume to max and imagine you were right in the action at Wimbledon.

Toghal Green Vine Picnic Cloth

Toghal Green Vine Picnic Cloth


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