The Fast Weaver of Ferkessédougou

Still in Ferkessédougou, Renee shot a quick video to show some strip fabric in the making. She doesn’t seem to have taken up the weaver’s offer of: “Do you want to try?” But she leaves us with the magic of the speed possible even when weaving by hand. Once the loom is set up as it should be, with the warp threads split and connected to the weaver’s foot pedals, he throws the bobbin to and fro with joyous abandon, and the textile grows before our eyes.

Fast Weaver from Ferkessédougou from Toghal Online on Vimeo.

Strip weave fabric is made across much of West Africa and our Pinterest pages have examples from Nigerian aso-oke, Malian Bogolanfini and Ghanaian Ewe.

Our interpretation of the Nigerian aso-oke is available as a picnic cloth in lime green, which is printed on 100% half-panama and has a lovely double edged linen border.

Toghal Green Vine Picnic Cloth

Toghal Green Vine Picnic Cloth

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