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We’ve just found a moment to rummage through our photos from Art 1:54, the annual contemporary African art fair that happened a few weeks ago at Somerset House. Before going, we wrote about the galleries we were most excited to see; now that all the great art we saw has sunk in, here we round up the surprises we’re so happy to have stumbled upon.

1a Aboudia

Ivorian artist Aboudia’s faces — a mishmash of stormy Basquiat and Disney cartoon — stole the show at London’s West End gallery Jack Bell.

2a ToyBoy

Acrylic and rust on wood tableaux by Adalberto Ferreira — aka Toy Boy — are unique pieces that won’t break the bank.


3 Okongwu

London-born Jebila Okongwu’s work often repurposes banana boxes — like 180cm-high ‘“Banana Sculpture no.17”, picture here — appropriating their exotic graphics and slogans and symbolic routes, from Africa to the West.


4a Emefiele

Shown at the booth of Lagos gallery Omenka, Ndidi Emefiele’s row of quirky mixed-media portraits from her series Rainbow— incorporating acrylic, plastic, fabrics and discarded CDs — drew loads of smiling onlookers.


5 Zak Ove

Based between London and Trinidad and Tobago, Zak Ové works in diverse media from sculpture, film and photography, paying tribute to old-world cultures through new-world materials.

This is list of of artists we were excited by and want to keep tabs on. Let us know what you saw and liked, in the comments below.

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