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5 Things We Did Last Year

Well, we had quite a busy year in 2014. Moving on from our launch in December 2013, Toghal has been (in our own modest way) striding ahead with designing beautiful products, hoping to enthuse customers with our take on traditional African design aesthetics, updated for contemporary life. We’ve been to a few events, been interviewed a few times, scouted around shops […]

Fabric on roll

Fabric by the metre

Yaay! By popular demand, we now offer our fabrics by the metre. So you can make your own stuff. Someone wants to make ukelele cases. What will you make? Please share with us when you do.


Olafur Eliasson’s Riverbed Installation

Imagine moving 180 tonnes of Icelandic gravel into a building and then running your own stream through it? Not many people get the chance to dream-think such an audacious idea, and then get to see it happen in real life.    Olafur Eliasson’s installation at the Louisiana Museum is yet another experiment in allowing art […]

Atelier House, Barbados

Toghal Cushions in Barbados

Atelier House is a stunning contemporary house in Barbados, that comes with an infinity pool and fine Caribbean views. Beautiful and comfortable house with breathtaking views. The owners have selected interesting furniture that add visual interest around the house, including these fabulous seats by the pool. We are very pleased that some of our cushions are […]

Bread on Cloth - 219x219

The bread and the picnic

We’ve been talking recipes and picnics for a while, so when this perfect start-from-scratch sourdough recipe popped up from WestElm, we could not resist sharing it. Fact: homemade is the best! — west elm UK (@westelmUK) July 31, 2014 As if we’ve been channelling lovely bread, we had earlier this season, taken a […]


Quick facts on Kuba Cloth

At its height, the Kuba Kingdom, which existed in modern Congo, revelled in the creation of objects favoured by the king and nobility. Decorative patterns used on raffia cloth featured on statues and palm wine goblets for example. As common in other parts of Africa, these textiles were used as currency. In the Kuba kingdom, […]

Ukara Cloth. Lowe Art Museum

Behind the Scenes: Ukara Cloth

How do we decide what the next topic for our African textile research should be? It’s a mix of things: interest, serendipity, availability of source materials, and access to photographs. We first came across a well-known Ukara print while researching Adire fabric. Some of the ideas were similar, in that there was a grid system drawn […]