Product news – napkins and samples

An easy way to add African inspired design to everyday living. We now have Tracks, our Mbuti-inspired design, available as napkins to mix and match with our square Tracks tablecloths. We also have a sample swatch service, so you can buy sets of our fabric by either colour or design. Our swatches are generously sized […]

West African Textile - Aso oke from Nigeria

Aso oke – Yoruba strip woven cloth from Nigeria

Yoruba aso oke (prestige cloth) weaving on the narrow-strip loom is without doubt one of the most vibrant and successful textile traditions in Africa today, with brightly coloured rayon and metallic lurex thread fabrics woven on traditional looms a key feature of many weddings throughout Nigeria and beyond. Its continued survival owes much to the […]

West African Textile - Adire from Nigeria

Adire – Yoruba resist dyed indigo cloth from Nigeria

Adire is the name given to indigo dyed cloth produced by Yoruba women of south western Nigeria using a variety of resist dye techniques. Adire translates as tie and dye, and the earliest cloths were probably simple tied designs on locally-woven hand-spun cotton cloth much like those still produced in Mali. In the early decades […]

The Art of African Textiles - Front Cover

Introducing Duncan Clarke

We are excited to introduce our first guest blogger, Duncan Clarke, who is a specialist on West African textiles.   He runs the fabulous shop Adire African Textiles, based in Alfie’s Antique Market in London, where he nurtures a veritable treasure trove of exquisite vintage textile finds. He travels regularly to West Africa to investigate […]

Another angle on the village chief cushion

Hot off the presses

From one of our very first customers in Switzerland, a lovely picture of our Village Chief cushion in obsidian, looking rather comfortable in its new home. A great example 220-802 demonstrating how to integrate a touch of African design into a contemporary apartment.   The same cushion in residence, from a slightly different angle.   […]


Original? Really?

It’s not that difficult coming up with a business idea – between the two of us co-founders, we’ve had plenty. On a daily basis, as we go about our lives, there are certain things we wish we could have, or things that we moan about that are bad. These sometimes spark ideas about a new […]


A textile (hi)story

I recently read a rather astonishing history book. A quick glance at the cover doesn’t promise much. Rather undistinguished, looking as if no effort was expended in its design. Typeset using the barest of basics: a serifed Times Roman-y font in orange on a black background, placed between some supremely clashable bands of red. The […]


The Big Day

It’s here, our Big Day, when we announce ourselves properly to the world, and wait. We are in turns, excited and anxious. We are excited about what we have to offer – wholeheartedly contemporary designs which borrow from the cornucopia of African heritage textiles. And also anxious about whether people like what we are offering, […]

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