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Adire Textiles Grandmothers Toghal

A tale of stories + how to decorate a white box

If you’ve been following the Toghal journey for a while, you’ll know that stories are a big passion of ours. Our unique print designs are not pure figments of our imagination but, are rooted in age-old traditions from across the African continent. Our designs are, in themselves, stories – explaining how we’ve interpreted the stories behind […]

An embroidered Hausa robe in indigo fabric

Vintage African Textiles

The Adire African Textiles shop at Alfie’s market is always a source of textile inspiration and creative ideas. On a grey mid-wintery day, the blast of visual interest starts at the door. In many parts of Nigeria, wide sleeved gowns are embroidered around the neck with intricate patterns.     In Mali, cloth is sometimes […]

Ukara Cloth. Lowe Art Museum

Behind the Scenes: Ukara Cloth

How do we decide what the next topic for our African textile research should be? It’s a mix of things: interest, serendipity, availability of source materials, and access to photographs. We first came across a well-known Ukara print while researching Adire fabric. Some of the ideas were similar, in that there was a grid system drawn […]


Original? Really?

It’s not that difficult coming up with a business idea – between the two of us co-founders, we’ve had plenty. On a daily basis, as we go about our lives, there are certain things we wish we could have, or things that we moan about that are bad. These sometimes spark ideas about a new […]