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West African Textile - Aso oke from Nigeria

Aso oke – Yoruba strip woven cloth from Nigeria

Yoruba aso oke (prestige cloth) weaving on the narrow-strip loom is without doubt one of the most vibrant and successful textile traditions in Africa today, with brightly coloured rayon and metallic lurex thread fabrics woven on traditional looms a key feature of many weddings throughout Nigeria and beyond. Its continued survival owes much to the […]

West African Textile - Adire from Nigeria

Adire – Yoruba resist dyed indigo cloth from Nigeria

Adire is the name given to indigo dyed cloth produced by Yoruba women of south western Nigeria using a variety of resist dye techniques. Adire translates as tie and dye, and the earliest cloths were probably simple tied designs on locally-woven hand-spun cotton cloth much like those still produced in Mali. In the early decades […]

The Art of African Textiles - Front Cover

Introducing Duncan Clarke

We are excited to introduce our first guest blogger, Duncan Clarke, who is a specialist on West African textiles.   He runs the fabulous shop Adire African Textiles, based in Alfie’s Antique Market in London, where he nurtures a veritable treasure trove of exquisite vintage textile finds. He travels regularly to West Africa to investigate […]