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Photo Credit: Renee Mboya


Where in the world? Find out more quickly…. Renee Mboya shares some textile moments on her journey from Lagos via Ferkessedougou, aiming for Sarajevo. A variety of cloth… …as it is woven …stitched into dresses …made into full sized wrappers …or sold as strips   Explore more of Africa’s strip fabric textile traditions from Nigeria. […]

Toghal On The Move a.k.a. MatatuToghal

Getting ready to leave

Our guest photographer, Renee Mboya, on her final preparations before she leaves for Lagos: My first week with my Toghal cushion is preoccupied with trying to figure out how to carry it. Twenty two countries, two continents, forty four cities, over five months and two seasons is the ultimate packing challenge. I mull over a […]

Lady at the Market

Exploring Close to Home

Before she left Kenya to start her 151 day epic with Invisible Borders artist, (our) traveling photographer Renee Mboya, did some intrepid exploring closer to home. She headed for the Tanzanian border. Here is her story. My Nigerian friend Adeola and I are going from Nairobi to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. We leave the city […]