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Michael Ruh

Toghal’s ultimate holiday wishlist

At Toghal, we love the objects around us for the stories they tell — the people who made them, the countries they came from, the memories they spark. For Christmas, we’ve pulled together a wish list of our favourite products of the moment from other designers. Think lots of handmade and locally produced… we have […]

Stable-7 Fabric1 Closeup

A Salzburg Surprise

The elusive, reclusive co-owner of Red Bull flaunts a brand that is loud and conspicuous that promotes stunts like Baumgartner’s fall from space. In addition, Dietrich Mateschitz owns a range of businesses in Salzburg, a city close to his home. When I visited two of the restaurants in his stable, I discovered, to my surprise, […]


Everyday African Inspiration

Inspiration comes in many sizes and shapes. We invited a longtime amateur photographer and visual chronicler of many everyday events in several African countries (including weddings, church Sundays, beach trips, market days), to share with us some images that illustrate the vibrancy of design in everyday life. Sola Mahoney has chosen some images of canoes […]


Original? Really?

It’s not that difficult coming up with a business idea – between the two of us co-founders, we’ve had plenty. On a daily basis, as we go about our lives, there are certain things we wish we could have, or things that we moan about that are bad. These sometimes spark ideas about a new […]