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Yolele Book Cover

African Cookbooks

Yesterday’s recipe was from Senegal, the country where the author of Yolele!, Pierre Thiam grew up. He offers many more recipes in the book including  a delightful black eye pea recipe in the book. The instructions are inexplicably in extra small type at the end of an article in the LA Times. Options for using this […]

Stable-7 Fabric1 Closeup

A Salzburg Surprise

The elusive, reclusive co-owner of Red Bull flaunts a brand that is loud and conspicuous that promotes stunts like Baumgartner’s fall from space. In addition, Dietrich Mateschitz owns a range of businesses in Salzburg, a city close to his home. When I visited two of the restaurants in his stable, I discovered, to my surprise, […]


Kuba Design

Status Cloths, Shoowa artists, from the Congo by Vanessa Drake Moraga If any textile could be played like a musical score it would be a Kuba status cloth or dance skirt ––  because the offbeat rythmical interplay and scintillating elaboration of visual theme and shape in these pattern-intensive compositions evoke styles of improvisation in African […]