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Ukara Cloth. Lowe Art Museum

Behind the Scenes: Ukara Cloth

How do we decide what the next topic for our African textile research should be? It’s a mix of things: interest, serendipity, availability of source materials, and access to photographs. We first came across a well-known Ukara print while researching Adire fabric. Some of the ideas were similar, in that there was a grid system drawn […]

Photo Credit: Elle Decor

Beach Living

Here is an amazing example of an airy, light beach house that incorporates textiles into its décor as an integral part of its look and feel. The pictures of the interior are almost like a spot-the-African object/textile of interest tableaus. Spot the Yoruba chair in the living room (we found examples of these in Utamaduni […]

Samba Dancer - SFmission from Flickr

Music from Brazil

A lot of the samba music in Brazil is inspired by African rhythms. The centre of Afro-Brazilian music is Salvador in Bahia, apparently. The video below is an example of music played and danced to. While learning to move sinuously to the music might be a tough ask, weaker bodies will find it easier to […]

Photo Credit: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Afro-Brazilian Art

World Cup fever spread to museums and art, and the MFA in Boston have an excellent one on the Samba Spirit, with the headline painting being one by Maria Auxiliadora da Silva, a seamstress (and therefore close to our textile hearts) and a self-taught artist. A further 11 Brazilian artists of African heritage are represented […]

Photo Credit: The Hammock Store

Brazilian Hammocks

With the World Cup nearing the end, we thought a quick review of things Brazilian might be in order. This week we will cover 5 lovely things-Brazilian. First up, the amazing double-sized hammock. It can either be one person therein ensconced within deep sides, or they can easily take two people sitting side by side […]

Photo Credit: BBC Food

Strawberries and Alcohol

It’s the end of the week and you’ve spent a great deal of time watching other people run around on a rectangle edged with white markings, hitting energetically at a ball. Thank goodness there’s only one more weekend before you can get back to your normal sporty routine. Settle yourself into a Toghal folding canvas […]

Yolele Book Cover

African Cookbooks

Yesterday’s recipe was from Senegal, the country where the author of Yolele!, Pierre Thiam grew up. He offers many more recipes in the book including  a delightful black eye pea recipe in the book. The instructions are inexplicably in extra small type at the end of an article in the LA Times. Options for using this […]

Photo Credit: Frances Somers Cocks for the Guardian

West African Lemon BBQ Chicken

This is a perfect prepare-most-of-it-ahead kind of dish, as once your marinated chicken is ready, you can pretty much choose when to eat. If you are feeling summery, or the weather’s good and there’s an underused BBQ around somewhere, you can grill it yourself on a good charcoal fire. Otherwise, the easy route is to […]